Arunachal State Lottery Result 19.7.2023 Lottery Sambad Result

Arunachal State Lottery Result 

Singam Lottery Result Morning 19.07.2023

11.55 Lottery Result

Singam Day Lottery Result 18.07.2023

3:00 PM lottery

Singam Night Lottery Result 18.07.2023

7:00 PM lottery Result

Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Overview

Lottery NameArunachal Pradesh Lottery
Managed byGovernment of Arunachal Pradesh
StateArunachal Pradesh
Lottery Date13 July 2023
Result Time10:55 AM, 03:00 PM, 07:00 PM
First Prize26.03 Lakhs
Lottery StatusPublished
Article CategoryLottery Sambad
Official Website

Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Draw Name

Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Draw Name are given below –

Day NameDraw Name
SundaySingam Volcano
MondaySingam Peak
TuesdaySingam Summit
WednesdaySingam Pinnacle
ThursdaySingam Cliff
FridaySingam Heap
SaturdaySingam Stack

Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Prize Details

Prize No.Total No. PrizesAmount
1st Prize1Rs. 26.03 lakhs
Consolation Prize1Rs. 9500
2nd Prize10Rs. 9000
3rd Prize10Rs. 500
4th Prize10Rs. 250
5th Prize100Rs. 120

How to Check Arunachal Pradesh Lottery Result Today

Arunachal State Lottery Result
Arunachal State Lottery Result

To check Arunachal Pradesh lottery result, you can follow these steps given below.

  1. First of all you need to take a device be it computer or mobile and open a web browser in it after that you need to open the official website of Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery.
  2. After that you will visit the official website of Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery, you will see the Lottery Result option.
  3. Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Results Get a list of draw of lottery. Look for the specific draw or date for which you want to check lottery results.
  4. You have to click on the respective link or button to see the particular draw result of your lottery. The lottery result will be displayed on the screen,
  5. Usually the Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Result will be in the form of a PDF file. After downloading the pdf file you can check your lottery result
  6. Carefully check the winning numbers against your lottery ticket numbers if you find a match, congratulations! You have won a prize in Arunachal Pradesh lottery.
  7. Also, you can get information about claiming your prize on the website. Note the steps and requirements required to claim your winnings.
  8. If you cannot find the official website or face any difficulty, you can try contacting Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery Authority official helpline or customer support for assistance.

Arunachal State Lottery Result 

Arunachal State Lottery is a well-known lottery program run by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh. Through a fair and open draw system, it gives participants a chance to win fantastic cash prizes. State-authorized lottery retailers where lottery tickets can be purchased

Various lottery systems are available through Arunachal State Lottery including daily draw, weekly draw and bumper draw on special occasions. Each scheme has a unique collection of prizes and drawings.

People can purchase Arunachal State lottery tickets from authorized dealers by choosing a set of numbers or by using the quick-pick option, which generates numbers randomly. Ticket prices depend on the lottery system and the number of tickets purchased

Random number generation is used to conduct lottery drawings by providing fairness and objective results. Winning numbers are announced publicly through various channels, including the official lottery website, newspapers and local media.

Arunachal State Lottery awards prizes based on a match between the numbers on the winning lottery ticket and the drawn numbers. Depending on the type of lottery system and the specific prize category, different prize amounts are awarded. Prize categories include first prize, second prize, consolation prize and other categories.

To claim Arunachal State Lottery winnings, winners usually have to provide their original winning ticket and required identification to the lottery administrators within a specified period. Official lottery websites or authorized stores often have information on specific procedures and requirements for claiming winnings.

Apart from providing opportunities to win financial prizes, Arunachal State Lottery supports other government welfare initiatives and programmes. The state’s infrastructure, healthcare, education and other social welfare initiatives are built with proceeds from the sale of lottery tickets.

Arunachal State Lottery Result 

Arunachal State Lottery participants can choose from a variety of exciting prizes. As per the particular lottery scheme, the prize structure may vary. The first prize is usually the most sought after and comes with a large financial incentive. The second award offers a lucrative financial picture, as do other lower-level awards

Arunachal State Lottery occasionally offers monetary prizes as well as special bumper draws on significant events like holidays or anniversaries. These “bumper draws” offer participants the chance to win more prizes and often have larger prize pools.
Lottery draws are conducted in front of designated officials or representatives to ensure transparency and fairness. During the process, winning numbers are chosen at random using reliable techniques such as mechanical ball draws or computerized random number generators.

Arunachal State Lottery provides lots of advice and customer service to the participants. Lottery authorized merchants may sell tickets and provide lottery program information. The official lottery website is also a helpful source, including the latest news, results and instructions for claiming prizes.