Bodoland Lottery Results Today- 22.6.2024 Lottery Winner List

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Bodoland Lottery Prize Winner Details

Dear participant, here is the list of prize amounts for the Bodoland Lottery. Please compare the prize amount with your ticket to verify the winnings. Bodoland Lottery Result Today: To check today’s lottery result, please refer to the PDF result sheet provided here.

If you find your ticket number in the sheet, congratulations on winning the lottery today. Kindly search for your ticket number carefully in the relevant series result.

Remember, the lottery is a game of luck where fortunate individuals can win multiple times. Why not try your luck in the file?

Bodoland Lottery Results Today

Introduction : Bodoland Lottery Results Today

Bodoland State Lottery works in the Bodoland region of Assam and is very popular. This lottery gives money as well as entertainment to the people. Here we will give you all the necessary information about Bodoland State Lottery.

Types of Lottery: Bodoland State Lottery has many lottery schemes. Some of these big lottery schemes are as follows:

  • Daily Lottery: Lottery played every day.
  • Weekly Prize: Lottery available once a week
  • Quarterly Lottery: Lottery available once a month

Bodoland State Lottery tickets can be easily purchased from local vendors. Apart from this, you can also check online platforms to buy tickets safely.

Lottery draws are often held publicly and are also shown live online. The transparent and fair process of the draw maintains the trust of the people.

Friends, different types of prizes are given to lottery winners.

Like cash prizes, bike, car, and other favorite prizes are included. The winners are shown individually on the official website of the lottery and the list of winners is also released.

The prizes received from the lottery are taxable. This tax is deducted at the rate prescribed by the government, and the winner gets the remaining amount.

Before playing the Bodoland State Lottery, make sure that you are a responsible person and are ready to play it.

This lottery can also be a means of entertainment, not only it can also solve a financial problem.

Friends, to know all the information about this lottery, you can visit the official website of Bodoland State Lottery and know about it or you can contact customer support to know about this lottery.

Bodoland lottery Result Today 23.6.2024

Bodoland Lottery Results Today

Bodoland Lottery Results Today

Lottery NameBodoland Lottery
Draw Code200, 1222 & 122
Draw NameDay Thangam, Evening Thangam, Singam, Kuil, Rosa, Deer, Thangam, Nallaneram, Kumaran, Vishnu & Swarnalaxmi
First PrizeRs. 1,00,000
Result date27.12.2022
Result Time12 PM, 3 PM, 12 PM
Result StatusPublished

Bodoland Lottery Results Today at 12 PM Every Day

Guys, here we upload everyday result of Bodoland Lottery. If you are taking Bodoland Lottery Ticket and you are checking result online, you are in correct website for your result.

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Bodoland Lottery Results Today at 3PM Every Day:

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Bodoland Lottery Result 7PM Every Day:

Last draw of the day at 7PM, friends you can check your result that was drowned today at 7PM. This is the last draw time every day and still you are waiting for the 12 PM draw time and result you can check here in our website all series results of bodoland lottery, like Singam Series, Kuil Series, Rosa Series, Deer Series, Thangam Series, Nallaneram Series, Kumaran Series, Vishnu Series, Swarnalaxmi Series, Day – Vairam, Day – Mani, Day – Lion.

Bodoland Lottery Result Details | Bodoland Lottery Results Today

डेली लॉटरी

पुरस्कार स्तरपुरस्कार राशि (INR)
प्रथम पुरस्कार1,00,000
द्वितीय पुरस्कार50,000
तृतीय पुरस्कार25,000
सांत्वना पुरस्कार5,000
छोटे पुरस्कार500 से 1,000 तक

2. साप्ताहिक लॉटरी

पुरस्कार स्तरपुरस्कार राशि (INR)
प्रथम पुरस्कार5,00,000
द्वितीय पुरस्कार2,00,000
तृतीय पुरस्कार1,00,000
सांत्वना पुरस्कार10,000
छोटे पुरस्कार1,000 से 5,000 तक

3. मासिक लॉटरी

पुरस्कार स्तरपुरस्कार राशि (INR)
प्रथम पुरस्कार10,00,000
द्वितीय पुरस्कार5,00,000
तृतीय पुरस्कार2,50,000
सांत्वना पुरस्कार25,000
छोटे पुरस्कार5,000 से 10,000 तक

Bodoland Lottery Prize Winner Details

Dear participant here you can see all list of prize amount of Bodoland Lottery. Candidates are suggested to verify prize amount with their amount as shown in the Lottery tickets.

Bodoland Lottery Results Today

Candidates who are looking for the today result can check their ticket number in the PDF result sheet provided here.

If you can find your lottery ticket in the PDF sheet congratulation you have won the lottery today.

Candidates are suggested to find their ticket number very carefully in the related series result provided here. My dear friend lottery is game of luck where lucky people can win many time.